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I believe that sharing a potent mix of enchantment & storytelling can change the world.

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About me

An educator, stargazer, wild spirit and lover of light, nature is where I come alive, where my heart and soul are most deeply connected. I hold the belief that life is cyclical and every one of us is an integral part of the intricate web of nature.

Through my lens, I illuminate the extraordinary in the ordinary, revealing the boundless beauty of our natural world and the profound connection between people and planet.

I am passionate about rewilding our connection to nature and this space is here to support you on this soul soaring journey, filled with awe, enchantment and inspiration.


Enchantment is a way of being for untamed curious souls.

Let’s rewild our connection to nature

With a degree in Geography, a Cert Ed, master’s studies in Marine Resource Management, Circle Facilitation training, and knowledge gained from extensive self-directed citizen science, I don’t just take photos; I deeply understand the subjects I capture and am passionate about sharing this knowledge. My storytelling, courses and events aim to reconnect us with the natural world, inspiring a profound appreciation and a drive for positive change.


Courses & events

Sharing ways to connect with our natural world
that are full of awe and wonder