Have you dreamed of seeing the aurora borealis?

This course will support you to make those dreams come true!


There are 7 sections with 34 lessons which dive into, guiding you step-by-step through my framework for chasing the aurora. At the end of the course there’s also a handy checklist you either print off or save to an album in your phone gallery – super handy for when you’re out and about on your aurora adventure.

What you need:

  • To be ready to chase at night to see the epic aurora
  • If you want to shoot images on your phone, this course will guide you through how to do this. (if your phone’s camera doesn’t have night mode, I recommend some apps to try too)

What you’ll learn:

  • What the aurora is and why it happens
  • How to chase the aurora – best conditions, apps and communities
  • What causes the aurora & the science behind it
  • All about Location, Location, Location
  • How to master your phone to capture the aurora
  • The art of editing on your smartphone
  • Showtime – it is time to chase the aurora!


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